Scharleen Worrell

Dear Mother and Dad,

Planning for my future did not include leaving your world so soon. However, it seems I had accomplished all I could while there. Therefore, grieve inwardly, as I know you must, but always with a smile for others, as they may be grieving, too.

Just think what I left for your world. I left a lovely daughter and a handsome son. I rest with great peace knowing that Jim has my heart and is using it carefully and productively. I know a 0 young man faces a far less complicated life because he has my kidney and pancreas. It please me to know that a young woman lives with my kidney and will be able to guide her family as I did mine.

No, I am not playing Pollyanna. How can l? You know how much I dreamed of a new home with my very special friend. I will miss graduations, weddings, and grandchildren. I won't enjoy Christmas, Easter and birthdays. But now, I will be a part of all these for people who might not have lived.

Mother and Dad, I have many laughs at your expense. Do you remember telling me that after completing the mountainous project you were working on you'd never do another? I told you that if you did not have another, I would find one for you. Well, I was always one for the dramatic, so l left you one that none of us had ever considered - volunteering for the organ donor program.

I would never have wanted you to do anything other than carry out my wishes to donate. It pleases me, that as a tribute to me, you have involved yourselves inthe crusade to educate others about donation. That makes me rest peacefully. We always tried to make a difference in others lives. Don' t cry for me. Devote your lives to making more and more miracles. Something positive must come from every death. Let it be hope for a better life for others.

Special love from your daughter Scharleen.