Elizabeth Henry

Betsy' s dad drilled some ideas into the minds of our children. When they asked "Why?" He answered, "Why not?" When they said in anger, "It' s not fair ! " he'd respond, "Who said life' s fair?" Another often repeated gem was, "If you want to find out about something, go to the source."

Recently, Betsy traced her roots in Ireland. She totally immersed herself in our Irish Catholic culture and history. One evening at dusk by the sea at the top of Northern Ireland when all the tourists were gone, Betsy put on her sweats and ran over the cliffs and down the causeway all alone for two hours. When she returned to the hotel she was very pensive, sat down, sighed, and said, "Being Irish and Catholic means you know that it's all right to suffer."

"Betsy," I said, "we came all the way over here for THAT? You've got to be kidding." We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

We are suffering now with grief. There is a void in our hearts. Betsy knew that suffering is an important part of living. St. Paul said to guard yourself and be ready. Betsy was a warrior. She was ready. She has won the prize. No more workouts. She has gone to the Real Source. She is with her father and brother. At her graduation Linus Pauling put his arm around her and said, "I expect great things from you." Now she can tell him, "I delivered." She has given up her beautiful body to others and is touching many people in many different ways.

In the future, when you meet a stranger, search for the goodness in that person. It could be Betsy. If I bump into someone perhaps part of that person is my Betsy. When I see an athlete throwing a ball I'd like to think that part of the force of that throw came from Betsy.

Just before she died, Betsy was doing one of the things she loved most, swimming. She had been swimming laps for approximately 15 minutes when she suffered a stroke. Betsy was taken to the hospital where she later died. It was her wish that her organs be donated to others. Even in death she helps save other peoples' lives. God bless you, Betsy. You are missed.

Ann Henry