Stephan Bullerjahn

A lot of people told us that time would heal our sorrow. They are wrong. We miss you just as much today as we did on the day you left us! We do try to go on, however, and want you to know that you, Rich, Mom and I (and the four-legged live-ins) will always continue to be the complete family.

The greatest pain we continue to experience is the sudden and unfair ending of your life. Twenty-four years; we enjoyed so much watching you focus on the future and taking the steps necessary to be successful. When you were just a little guy, you told us once that you had your rights. Neither we nor the doctors knew that your earache was in fact a much more vicious virus attacking your right to live a rich and wonderful life.

Your family and friends are so proud of you ! Your scholarship at Butte College will help a student every semester in perpetuity. We still hear from your co-workers regularly. Many of them visit your resting place almost as often as we do. Your college gave you full credit for the classes you had in progress. Gary and Jocelyn each painted a wonderful portrait of you, which we will always treasure. Mom, Rich and I decided to engrave your marker with "I have my rights."

Although we never discussed it specifically, we found a donor card among your belongings and, therefore, gave approval for you to become a donor. Four people are enjoying a healthy life today because of your final and most courageous act of giving. We are so proud of you!

We will never stop missing you, but from day to day we gather strength from the many wonderful memories of you.

With All Our Love,

Mom, Dad and Rich