Raymond Chavez

We have come here today to be with you in thought and spirit, to remember the many gifts you have given us, and to celebrate your passage from this life into one of freedom and wholeness with the Lord. I

You shared so many good times with your friends and family. You have the most wonderful smile, a happiness and friendliness about you that draws everyone in and makes them feel good to be with you. Your sense of humor, your interest in things around you, and your curiosity about how things worked kept you involved with those around you. We felt a part of your world and it helped us to appreciate our world all the more.

Your courage is perhaps your most special gift. Your life here was full of difficulties and losses. Yet, you faced each day with optimism and a positive ate You could not tell us your feelings in words but you were able to share them M by your actions. You have set an example in how to live through adversiq strength and humor and a positive attitude.

Your final gift was a very special one, the Gift of Life to three people and the sight to two more. We pray these people will also carry a part of your sense of I and courage and know that their lives were made better by the gifts of a very s person.

Raymond, your family and friends miss you very much. We are sad that you a with us. We know that you are whole and well now. We hope that you have rep the family that proceeded you into heaven. We will always remember you ant wonderful gifts. We hope there will come a time when we can all be together

Marian Aiken