Lisa Smith

At 17-years-old, you were just beginning a new phase of your life. You were a happy, fun loving high school junior. You were starting to think about what college you would like to attend, your future, the things you were going to do, the choices you would make regarding your life.

How fast those 17 years passed. Your life was so very short. However, it was so filled with family, friends and the day-to-day business of life. You were so generous in your love and caring for others.

We, your dad, your brother Mark and I did not understand why the Lord had chosen to call you home. I can only think it was because you had already learned all the things he put you here to learn. We thank him for letting us take care of you for 17 years. But it still hurts so much to know we will not see you again for a long while, nor hear your wonderful laugh or see the twinkle in your beautiful eyes. You see, we are selfish in this way and we do not want to let go. Then, we remember that you were not selfish. You signed a donor card and put it on your drivers license. Dad told you that you could not sign it legally because you were under age. You said, "Well if anything ever happens to me that is what I want to do." It still amazes me that you did that only three to four weeks before this aneurysm burst. As if you knew it was going to happen.

Lisa, you have willingly and generously given life to many by your choice to be an organ donor. You took the one life we gave you and made life better for so many. We are so very proud of you for your accomplishments and the "GIFTS" that you gave.

We continue to miss you. However, we realize that you are still with us, our beautiful little girl with love for all her friends and family. That special daughter with that special twinkle in her eyes, that I surely will recognize if I am ever lucky enough to see it again.

We love you very much,

--Kathi Olson