Richie Blazek

Twelve and a half year old Richie Blazek became a donor on 04-27-88 when he died of the head injury he'd received the previous day. Ironically enough, we'd talked about organ donation the year before when he saw me signing my driver's license and indicating my wish to be a donor. After at first thinking it sounded "gross" (!) he decided it made sense and asked if he could be a donor, too.

Richie's liver, kidneys, heart valves and corneas were procured and successful transplants performed the next day - successful beyond my expectations. The young woman who'd received my son's liver contacted me and we met one year to the day after the transplant. And two and a half years later she delivered a healthy baby boy, naming him Ricardo, honoring the special young boy who had given her a second chance at life. Ricky (as we call him) was joined by a brother, Isaac, in February of 1993.

Richie's gift of life has extended into a new generation and allowed me to become a "Grandma" in the only way possible for me. Richie lives on in the smiling faces of two small boys.

Sandra K. Barnes

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