Eugene Yearian

When Dad and I decided to have you, I spent the next nine months wondering what kind of person you would become, what kind of woman you would marry, and how you would raise your children. Little did I know that you were not only put on this earth for me, but also for other people whose lives you've affected, especially a little boy and girl who I don't even know.

I just assumed that you would be here for me and your dad. And of course your grandma. When I met your dad, he changed my whole life. I wanted a child. I wanted a part of him that would be with me forever.

Even though you were only with me for three-and-a half months, you have taught me how to love a child and that I have that motherly instinct. You were the last thing I thought about when I went to sleep and the first thing I went to in the morning.

So when God took you away from me, I realized that he had other plans for you. You were here to love me and your dad, and of course grandma. But you were here also to help the little boy and girl. And now you are with grandpa.

It' s because of you that your dad and I want with all our hearts to have another child. I hope God will grant our wish. And if we are blessed with another child, he or she will know about you, and what you've done for other people and for us.

Your dad and I, and of course grandma, are living our lives. But there's not a day that goes by without your being in our thoughts and in our hearts. We hope you and grandpa are happy.

Love you,