Jesse Schweininger

Thank you, Lord, for sharing

      a piece of Heaven.
Thank you for giving us a
      touch of your love,
For now we can understand
      how precious our lives
And what the true meaning
      of loving really is.
Our tears fall and our hearts
      are very heavy,
But the memories of a baby's love
      will give us healing.

Memories are like the stars

      in the dark night of sorrow;
I wish I could soothe the empty
      place inside our hearts
Where tears flow and words cannot
      express the grief.

A candle shining in the dark,

      a baby's love so true.
"I loo you, Mama and Poppa, too."

You loved us so much and you gave
your love so unselfishly and in
doing so, taught us the true
mcaning of what love really is.
Your baby blue eyes smiling,
      your baby arms tenderly
      embracing and whispering,
"I loo, Mama. I loo, Poppa." Thank you for teaching us how to
love. Help us to have thc courage
to give that love to others.

"We loo you, Jesse, our baby love." Grandma Helen