Robert Sims

Heart Broken

The ambulance had come in five minutes. They helped him as fast as they could. When you lose a friend or a relative, you feel like you could have done something- but you can't. Everyone dies for a reason. But you may not be able to understand it but it is like a cocoon. The cocoon is a person and when that person dies the cocoon opens and the butterfly is the soul. And when the soul dies you instantly go to heaven like a light goes--oh, that fast!

I, Ryan Sims, lost my brother Robert at 1 p.m. Aunt Rita honked the horn until she stopped because someone had gotten hit. She yelled, "Call 911! Call 911 !" When she saw who it was, before I got there, Aunt Rita yelled, "Oh no, Robert!" When I heard that I thought life was over. When I saw him he looked dead. But a nurse was there and said, "I have a pulse." I saw a cut on Robert's cheekbone. I said, "He is losing a lot of blood." She said, "No, he is not."

When this happened to me it felt fake and that is was a nightmare. But you can't wake up from this long-long nightmare and you are in a long deep sleep. My brother died in a terrible way but without pain and suffering. When I heard that it was Robert everything was going through my head-was he going to go with the Lord or was he going to stay with us and have pain? So the Lord chose and I knew it was right to let him go, so he would not be in no pain.

Ryan Sims, age 13