Jason Burch

School was many things to Jason - a place to hang out and a place to push the teachers to the limit! He spent most of his young life grounded. He liked to stretch the truth a bit. One time he came home from school leaning to his right and crying, "My arm hurts." He said he had been walking up a hill and his arm just broke. After a trip to the hospital, we learned Jason had fallen out of a tree !

Jason and his brother were daredevils. They had made a ramp to jump their bikes . One day, when it was Jason's turn, a police car drove by as Jason was in motion. He landed on the back end of the police car. The police drove Jason home. He wasn't hurt but his bike was!

Jason was well-liked. He had lots of friends. He loved to be a comedian. He said he was never going to leave home. He wanted to live in his mom's and dad's motor home.

We love you,