Dave Kuroko

Donating Dave' s organs was difficult and simple at the same time. It was difficult because it meant realizing and accepting that, physically, Dave was gone. Yet, as difficult as that was, the actual decision to donate his organs was easy. Dave loved helping others. Here was the means for him to help so many others one final time.

Dave was a wonderful and loving son, brother, uncle and friend. He cherished family and friends. There wasn' t anything he wouldn' t do for someone for whom he cared.

Dave knew how to live life. He knew how to enjoy life and get the most out of it. His loves included sports (especially basketball and rowing/crew), keeping up with the latest dance moves, current slang, and organizing trips and get-togethers for his many friends. They lovingly called him the "Posse Master" because he always took charge of this close-knit group of 30. Friends and family were always Dave's number one priority.

The sun rises and sets each day, just as it always did. But for us, life will never be the same. Dave touched everyone he knew. It is still so hard being without him, but we have our memories--our wonderful, warm memories we will cherish forever. And, through his recipients, a part of him will continue to help others.

I am very proud to be a donor parent. I, also, am a very lucky person for I am a recipient of a kidney transplant.

Dave, we love you, miss you, and think of you everyday ! ! ! You are with us in our heart forever!

Richard Kuroko