Catherine Cosgrove

Mom, so much of who we are
comes from growing up under
your care.

You made our home a warm,
safe place to be where it was
OK to make mistakes and learn
from them - a place filled with love.

As we got older, we must
have tested your patience often
with our adolescent convictions
that we had a grasp on the
world you had somehow missed,
but you knew that we needed to
make our own decisions.

And somehow you managed to let
us know that you'd always be there for us.

Now all the things you've taught
us over the years are a part of us.

The choices we've made and the
way we look at life have so much to
do with how we were raised.

No one else could ever take the
special place you have in our hearts,
Mom we'll never forget all that you
taught us when we were growing up.

And we'll never grow too old for your love.

Cheryl Hawkinson