Benjamin Niziolek


Many years we had spent together,
Friends, Companions, Brothers.
You were the hope for my unaccomplished
Dreams, you were pure, innocent, untarnished.
Never have I gazed upon a soul so pure.

You my Brother were extremely talented.
Never have I known one who could relate
To the young, yet comfort the old,
In many ways you were beyond your years.

In your lifetime, though it had been brief,
you achieved more than many;
You learned to love all.
Not once did you take for granted special
times, or even a warm summer evening.
Yes, my Brother, you truly lived,
Unlike many.

You will be missed here on this Earth,
But lay your mind to rest,
You shall never be forgotten.
You have touched many, and are in the
Hearts and souls of all.
I shall never forget you for many reasons,
My Companion, my Friend, my Brother.

John J. Niziolek