Gene Bullock

I am very proud to have been both wife and best friend to this most wonderful man, Gene Bullock. He was a very caring and sensitive person, and was truly loved by his family and friends.

Gene took a special pride in our home and garden. The roses he raised are magnificent. He loved to tackle homebuilding projects. One time he built an elaborate greenhouse to protect my mother's cactus and orchids that we were looking after for a period of time. He was so proud of his creation, and what a wonderul display of love and caring he was showing my mom. It was certainly special to me.

Gene loved to sing and play his Gibson guitar (he referred to her as "the blonde"). In his youth, he had his own band and they liked to perform folk songs.

You never saw my husband without a book in his hands. One of his passions was reading. He had such an insatiable appetite for any type of literature that it surprises me he didn't eat the book covers, too!

Gene possessed quite a memory and a definite mastery of numbers. An accountant by profession, he used to say he could make numbers sit-up and beg. Believe me, he could.

Gene was raised in Colorado and had many great looking cowboy boots. And I know he is standing tall in his boots with pride knowing he was able to give the "Gift of Life."

You may not be with us in physical form, Gene, but you will always be with us in spirit.

Love always,