Eric Paulson

Eric was so many things...

He was a dedicated researcher. The way other children gobbled up comic books, Eric devoured the National Geographic.

He was an entomologist. He had ant farms and pet praying mantises. Every bug and insect and crawly thing was his special friend.

He was a scientist. Eric could name every bone in the human skeleton. He knew what a magnet would pick up and where to store the rocks that were magnetic. He loved the moon and stars and things about space.

And Eric was an historian. Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Titanic, Eric could tell you with solemn accuracy.

Eric was an inveterate collector--shells and sharks' teeth, rocks and ribbons, sticks that reminded him of Wylie Coyote--everything that caught his eye ended up in his pockets to be saved and studied and treasured.

He loved Paddington Bear, and Frog and Toad, and Thomas the Train. He loved music and stories, but books most of all!

Eric enjoyed participating in sports, swimming, soccer and T-ball, even though they weren't always easy for him. In fact, because Eric had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, he had to work a lot harder than others to do most of the things that he did. Yet, he attacked all these challenges with verve and determination.

Eric loved fishing and camping, water and boats, going on trips, eating out, and Boy Scouts. He loved school and friends and birthday parties. I guess there isn't a single thing in this whole world that Eric didn't enjoy!

Anita Lantz