Julian Kelley, Jr.

This song is for a cool jewel know as Julian,
For the Chicago-St. Louis connection,
The funkiest tune on the jukebox selection
This song was written by Hendrix and
Elton John and other cats of varying styles
Like Ellington, Silver, Dizzy and Trane
Mayfield and others too numerous to name
Yet all of them cats that Julian played
This song's for a dude that wasn't afraid
To admit where he'd been
To accept where he was
To dream where he was going
This song is for ole cool Jules
A cat who would stop to shop
And cop the gamut
From bebop to hip-hop
Who'd drive his car as far
As the farthest star
And stop by the moon to see how you are
A song for an eagle
Who sought to fly higher
Who wouldn't be grounded
By stroke or by fire
who kept on believin
' That God is a healer
And smiled like a grandpa
When my son learned to ride a two-wheeler
This song's for a guy who copped no attitude
But showed much latitude
When my youngest took a poop on his stoop,
Jules said,"Boys will be boys"
and let him play with his toys,
Then handed me some newspaper and said,
"Scoop" This is a song for my father, if you
Whose spirit stayed healthy,
though his body was ill, whose
sense of community always said,
"I am willing"
who was poetry in motion even
when he was chillin' there's a lot
more to say but this is neither the
place, nor the day nor the opportune
moment to try, ignore it
or quote it I'm not even sure why I
wrote it I guess it's just my way of
saying "goodbye" He' s gone to
prepare a place, you see, for
Charlotte and he, no shame to his
game, just a smile to his style, all
in the presence of Jesus, of course,
so don't cry for Jules 'cause you'd
have to be fools to think you
won't see him again and me? I
ain't sad 'cause like my heavenly
dad, Jules was my father, my
brother, my friend.

Petri Byrd