Blaine Thompson

The day you were born, innocent and pure, oh what a bundle of joy. I knew the Lord truly blessed me with a very special little boy. When you passed from this world of trials and pain, to the next Blaine, so many tears of mine came, and I knew my life wouldn't be the same.

Because of the very special love I've had and have for you, my grief in losing you would be great, I knew. Though I know you are now in a much better sphere, My aching arms and heart long for you here.

You were and are a very special, sweet and loving boy. All the hugs and caring things you'd do, brought me much joy. Your love for life and laughter, were very plain for me to see. I enjoyed watching you laugh and make Rebecca laugh, oh what gifts you gave to me.

Your big bright, beautiful smile made my heart sing, much love and happiness into our home, you did bring. The ability in making friends easily, you had this gifted way. A very special sweetness you possessed, could turn the night to day.

Frying eggs your way, you seemed happy to be able to do, mess or no mess, I really enjoyed watching you. The biggest imagination around, I do believe you had, forts you made outside, to keep the guys out who were bad.

Playing or doing things with you, I did not always do. In this my heart is saddened, and I ask for forgiveness from you. For the times I did play and spend with you, I am very glad, I hope you, as much as I, enjoyed the times together, you and I had.

Many lives, both young and old alike, were touched by you. To be happy, kind and tolove one another, is what you taught us to do. While on this earth, the example of the Savior's love, you truly met. May we all, whose lives you touched, live the example that for us, you set.

Words cannot express the deep and abiding love, I have for you, Blaine, my son. I will strive daily, to live and love as you did, until we meet again, my beloved one.

Love always and forever,

Your Mother