Matthew Eric Sammet

You may have known Matt. He was born in Michigan, but in his first 12 years he lived in Colorado, Minnesota, Maryland (twice), New York and ended up in Orlando, Florida. He was a young man whose life seemed to be on fast-forward. He experienced many of the same things as his peer group did: long hair, pierced ears, skate boards, surf boards, and motorcycles.

Matt was the young man you saw fishing, or at the auto races in Daytona or Sebring. He was the 6' blond you saw surfing at Daytona, New Smyrna or Sebastian Inlet. He had a ready smile and made you feel very special. He was the young man who may have fueled your jet in Orlando or fixed the refrigeration unit on one of your trucks or buses. He was the young man with his dog, Gator, playing basketball at the local schoolyard in the evenings after work.

Matt was the young man who was married briefly and a stepfather to two beautiful little girls. (The snowmen were for the girls.) He was the young man who rode motorcycles and learned, usually the hard way, to face all of life's challenges.

On October 7, 1991, he died two days after a motorcycle accident. Matthew helped 6 people that day grasp a second chance to live and love again.

YOU - may know Matt - he is your heart, your kidneys, your eyes, your liver.

We wish you joy and happiness in your new lives and hope you can accept Matt's gifts as gifts from God with love.

"Matthew, thanks for the memories"

Much love,

Mom, Dad, and Tom

(Carol, Gary & Tom Sammet)