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Live on TransWeb...1998 US Transplant Games

See also: Athlete profiles at NKF site

Teams Athletes Donor Families
Team Alabama Aiuto, Kyle (New Mexico) Chris Branch
Team Arizona, photo Aspholm, Scott (Iowa) Laurie Pajak
Team Arkansas photo Bobertz, Briana (Arizona)  
Team Northern California photo Bowman, Paula (Upper Midwest)  
Team Southern California photo Bramlett, Julie Owen (Northwest)  
Team Colorado photo Bray, Patricia (Florida)  
Team Connecticut photo Burdette, Diane Christine (Northwest)  
Team Florida, photo Commisso, Louis (Arizona)  
Team Georgia photo Compagner, Maria (Michigan)  
Team Hawaii photo Curl, Marvin (New Mexico)  
Team Illinois photo Dewey, Marc and Deanna (Massachusetts/Rhode Island)  
Team Indiana photo Fontaine, Russell (Massachusetts/Rhode Island)  
Team Iowa, photo Gilbert, Molly (Massachusetts/Rhode Island)  
Team Mo-Kan photo Gillen, Michael (Massachusetts/Rhode Island)  
Team Kentucky photo Granger, Jim (Upper Midwest)  
Team Louisiana photo Hattaway, David (New Mexico)  
Team Maine photo Johnson, Nancy (Michigan)  
Team Maryland photo Kinlund, Jennifer (Upper Midwest)  
Team Massachusetts/Rhode Island, photo Kowalzyk, Jason (Arizona)  
Team Michigan, photo Loxley, James (Massachusetts/Rhode Island)  
Team Upper Midwest, photo Mattos, Lorraine (Northwest)  
Team Mississippi photo McFate, Marisa Danielle (Upper Midwest)  
Team E. Missouri & Metro-East photo Montoya, Betty (New Mexico)  
Team Nation's Capital photo Perry, Connie K. Grover (Iowa)  
Team Nebraska photo Phillips, Natalie Christine (Arizona)  
Team Nevada photo Pond, Jami (New Mexico)  
Team New Hampshire/Vermont photo Rudolph, Amanda (Upper Midwest)  
Team New Mexico, photo Saiz, Tommy (New Mexico)  
Team Central New York photo Shereck, Vernon (Upper Midwest)  
Team New York/New Jersey photo Smith, Colleen (Northwest)  
Team Northeast New York photo Stanton, Dave (Arizona)  
Team Upstate New York/Rochester photo Strnad, William (Arizona)  
Team Western New York photo Sutton, Bob (Arizona)  
Team North Carolina photo Terrell, Melvin (Upper Midwest)  
Team Northwest, photo Thames, Dusty (Florida)  
Team Ohio photo VanNortwick, Abigail (Northwest)  
Team Oklahoma photo Willig, Ken (Northwest)  
Team Philadelphia photo    
Team Western Pennsylvania photo    
Team South Carolina photo    
Team East Tennessee photo    
Team Middle Tennessee photo    
Team West Tennessee photo    
Team Texas photo    
Team South Texas photo    
Team Southeast Texas photo    
Team Utah photo    
Team Virginia photo    
Team Wisconsin photo    
See also "Meet Some of Our Athletes" at the NKF site


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