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Jennifer Kinland

Age: 22

Team: Minnesota

Hometown: Kasson

Transplant: kidney, 1994

Event(s): Track & Field

My story: At the age of 18 months I became ill and was hospitalized for dehydration. Due to an overload of IV fluid my kidneys shut down. After 2 months in intensive care and dialysis, my kidney function returned but the damage to my kidneys was permanent. A gradual decline of function occured over the following years which lead to my kidney transplant in June of 1994 after my high school graduation. I had always loved running and in my sophmore year at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. I joined the Cross Country and Track Teams. I started out with the intent of being part of a team and running for excercise but with the help of an excellent coach and my determination, I eventually became one of the top seven runners. In the fall of 1997 our team competed in the National Cross Country Championships and placed 2nd in the nation for Division III schools. I had the honor of being named an ALL-American runner for being one of the top 35 runners. I am presently completing my degre at UWEC and have been accepted into Mayo Clinic Program for Radiography to pursue my career in the medical field.

My message to the world: A transplant is a gift of life. We need to educate the world on the importance of being a donor so that many more may have a second chance at life and reach their dreams.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000