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Betty Montoya

Team: New Mexico

Age: 48

Transplant: Kidney, 1993

Hometown: Albuquerque

Events: Bowling, Table Tennis, Track & Field

My Story: My story is unique because I knew my donor for 15 years before. As a young girl our family and hers spent a lot of time vacationing, taking our children to gymnastics, swimming etc. Together Mike (my son) and Tina (my donor) were in the same class from preschool to eighth grade. Before the kids went to preschool we went to Canada together(just one example). At 17, Tina had a horrible accident, I was honored and sad at the same time to recieve Tina's kidney.

My Message to the World: Because of my blessing, I try to live a life worthy of my honor. If everyone would give a little to help someone, we would have a better world.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000