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Team New Mexico


What is the most interesting thing(s) about your team this year?

Team New Mexico had a team member pass away on July 6, 1998. Bob Norton had been a team member since 1994. He was hospitalized for an abdominal aorta anuerysm and was not able to overcome numerous comlications. Bob was registered to attend the 1998 US transplant games. In his memory the 1998 team New Mexico would like to dedicate their participation to the memory of Bob Norton who after receiving his kidney transplant dedicated his life to using physician assistant skills as a volunteer to work in clinics throughout rural New Mexico.

Which other team will provide you with the most competition this year and why?

There is not any particular team. Our hurtle will be the age categories. Our Marvic Curl, 72 has to swim against 56 and over category. He overcame the youngsters in 1996 by winning a medal.


Team Member Age Transplant Type,
Kyle Aiuto 3 Heart Albuquerque, NM
Tommy Saiz 51 Heart Albuquerque, NM
Bob Skaggs 62 Kidney Santa Fe, NM
Cliff Hertz 75 Heart Alburquerque, NM
Jami Pond 38 Kidney Alburquerque, NM
Tommie Carter   living related donor Alburquerque, NM
Alice Hice   RN - U.N.M.H.  
Marvin Curl 72 Liver Alburquerque
Michael Hamilton 54 Kidney Kirkland, NM
Raymond Ortiz 48 Kidney Alburquerque, NM
Teofilo Romero 56 Kidney Alburquerque, NM
Betty Montoya 48 Kidney Alburquerque, NM
William Browne 60 Kidney Alburquerque, NM
David Hattaway 30 Heart Sante Fe, NM
Kristen Hattaway 30 Pancreas Sante Fe, NM
Jessica Steigner 24 Heart Albuquerque, NM
Nunzi Panetti 55 Heart Alamogordo, NM
Chuck Spath 62 Liver Alburquerque, NM

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Last modified: 11 May 2000