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David P. Hattaway

Age: 30

Team: New Mexico

Hometown: Santa Fe

Transplant: heart, 1992

Event(s): high jump, race walk

My story: After being diagnosed with viral-cardio-myopathy, I knew my life woud never be the same. How would I get back to who I was? But, I couldn't because now I was a much bigger part of things. Thanks to the failure of my health, I gained a new perspective on life and am a better man for it too! My wife, whom I met at the Salt Lake games has opened so many doors to my heart, mind and life.

My message to the world: Your life is a precious thing. Cherish this, because one day it might not be there anymore. And when it has ceased make sure your last gift to the world is the gift of life.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000