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Jim Granger

Age: 51

Transplant: Kidney (cadaver) - 7/13/93

Team: Upper Midwest

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Events: Tennis - Singles & Doubles

My Story: Mailhandler for U.S. Postal Service. Have always enjoyed playing Tennis. Transplant on 7/13/93 after eighteen months on dialysis. Involvement in Transplant Games began in 1994; and, have really enjoyed the comaraderie with fellow transplant people at the National Games as well as at the World Games - two thus far. I hope to play tennis in many more Transplant Games over the coming years.

My Message To The World: More people need to see that transplantation works we show that it does through the GAMES. Through the "Organ Donor Awareness Stamp", my hope is that everyone that can, will Become organ donors to help the many individuals still waiting for transplants.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000