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Paula J. Bowman


Team: Upper Midwest (Minnesota)

Hometown: Eagan

Transplant: 1st Kidney, 1982 2nd Kidney, 1998

Event(s): Table tennis, 1500 m racewalk

My story: I had kidney disease since 1970. By 1982, I was on dialysis and one of my sisters, Adele, donated a kidney to me. It worked quite well, but I experienced rejection problems with it over the years. In December, 1993, I gave birth to a healthy daughter, Victoria, the joy of our lives! Several years later, the 1st transplant failed due to chronic rejection and systemic lupus disease. Fortunately, another sister, Karol, gave me another chance at a healthy life. I'm happy to report that the new transplant is working great and I have a future to look forward to!

My message to the world: I am living proof that transplantation works. It is now more successful than ever because of newer antirejection drugs and medical/surgical techniques. Please consider organ and tissue donation and discuss it with your family!
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Last modified: 11 May 2000