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Lorraine A. Mattos

Age: 64

Team: Northwest

Hometown: Medford, Oregon

Transplant: kidney, 1969

Events: Tennis Singles & Mixed Doubles, Table Tennis Singles

My Story: Thirty-nine years ago, I was 6 1/2 months pregnant when it was discovered that I had glomerulornephritis. At that time I lost my baby and 70% of each kidney. I functioned with 30% of each kidney for 10 years. During that time, I continued teaching, playing tennis and skiing. In 1958 my kidney function dropped 2%. With three months to live, I went for my interview at S.F. General Hospital. I was accepted into their dialysis program after two months and a peritoneal dialysis. I was on home dialysis for 15 months when I was called for my cadaver transplant on 12-12-69, 28 years and eight months ago. I continued teaching (retired after 35 years), playing tennis, skiing, hiking, working out in the gym, and competing in several U.S. Transplant Games and California Games.

My Message to the World:I am especially happy to share my good fortune with "new" transplantes, many of whom feel their lives will be short after their transplant. it is important for donors and donor families to hear that their gift can add years of productive life to someone whose organ has failed. It is important for people to discuss with their families and physicians their wishes regarding organ donation, and to carry an organ donor card.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000