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Marissa Danielle McFate

Age: 21

Transplant: Liver - 5/1/88

Team: Upper Midwest

Hometown: South St.Paul, MN

Events: Swimming - 50m, 100m & 500m Freestyle; Bowling; Basketball

My Story: Born with biliary atresia - a liver disease. At 3 months of age, Kasi procedure which aided in prolonging the working of my liver - 11 years. Spleen became enlarged at age 11 and was removed. Body could not handle the trauma and I went into liver failure. After "waiting" for three months, I received my new liver 5/1/88. I met my donor family last year and they will be at the Games this year.

My Message to the World: Share your life by becoming an organ donor. Just living is not enough….. One must have sunshine, freedom and a bit of flower.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000