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Team Upper Midwest
What is the most interesting thing(s) about your team this year?
We have several new members on our team.
Which other team will provide you with the most competition this year and why?
Team Michigan has always had a strong tennis team. I am disappointed that most teams won't have made doubles team, .as lots of us in the past years have played mixed doubles with partners from other teams. We are lucky that Dick and I have played doubles together for almost 4 and a half years now on Team Minnesota.
Team Member Age Transplant Type,
Hometown Event(s)
Lynne Beaver 60 Liver Aitkin Bowling, 1500 race
Mark Bjorklund 29 Heart Minneapolis High Jump, golf, bowling
Paula Bowman 43 Kidney Eagan Tennis, 1500 Race
Thomas Cornell 38 Kidney Brooklyn Park Swimming, Golf
Patrick Flavin 13 Liver Shorewood Bowling, Tennis, 50m Race
Jim Granger 51 Kidney Maple Grove Tennis
Dick Hawkins 51 Liver Maple Grove Tennis
Jennifer Kinlund 22 Kidney Kasson Track
Terry Klick 47 Kidney/Pancreas Plymouth Bowling
Daryl Lebahn 42 Kidney Blaire Bowling, Golf
Ronald Matross 51 Liver St Paul Cycling
Marissa McFate 21 Liver South St. Paul Bowling, Swimming
Troy Meinburg 33 Heart Lakeland Field, Golf
Jeannie Pearson 50 Liver Cottage Grove Racquetball, Badmiton
Brian Riley 35 Liver St Paul Bowling, Cycling, Tennis
Amanda Rudolph 18 Kidney Kesson Track & Field
Vernon Shereck 50 Kidney Blaire Bowling, Golf
Melvin Terrell 50 Kidney Plymouth Bowling

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Last modified: 11 May 2000