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Michael Gillen

Age: 20

Transplant: Kidney 1980 & February 12, 1998

Team: Massachusetts/Rhode Island

Hometown: Middleboro,MA

Events: Golf and Team Golf

My Story: I was born with prune belly syndome. The first two years of my life I was mostly inpatient at Boston Children's Hospital until the age of 23 months when I received a kidney from my mom. At the age of 16, my kidney started to wear out and at 18 I started dialysis and lived on the machine for a year and a half. On February 12, 1998, I received my second transplant from my sister Kacey and all is well.

My Message to the World: I'm participating in these games to let people of all ages who need transplants realize that as long as you do what is best for you then you can live as normal a life as any other person. Also, to show people who are thinking about donating an organ that it will be the greatest gift you could give any other person.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000