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Connie K. Grover Perry

Team: Iowa

Age: 53

Hometown: DeWitt

Transplant: Kidney- August 23, 1992

Event(s): 1500 meter, 5K Race Walk.

My story: I received the most wonderful and unconditional gift of life and love from a darling 10-year-old girl, Missy, who died very suddenly from an AVM, blood clot to the brain. I suffered from polycystic kidney disease for 12 years prior to the transplant. The quality of my life changed from drab and dreary to fulfilling and positive. I thank God for every new day and I do not pass up the opportunity to speak out for organ and tissue donation. I feel I am responsible to Missy and her family to keep my life ongoing and productive.

My message to the world: Please keep in mind all of the donors who have so unselfishly given their loved one's organs and tissue so that we may live on. They had the hard part--we recipients had the easy part. I am so lucky to be a winner at the Transplant Games by just being able to participate. Thank you, donor families, for such a wonderful experience.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000