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Patricia Y. Bray

Team: Florida

Age: 35

Hometown: Lake Worth

Transplant: Liver 1989

Event(s): Track & Field/100 meters, 200 meters, Long Jump, Shot Put, Team Volleyball, and 4x100 relay.

My story: I've always been a very active and healthy person and I hardly ever caught a cold. So when I started to become ill I became quite alarmed. I never imagined it could be anything as serious as liver failure. What was suppose to be a two day hospital stay turned out to be ten days. I was discharged two days before Christmas to get my affairs in order. The prognosis was two weeks, but no more than two months to live. However, faith in God assured me that everything would be alright. Nine years later everything is still alright.

My message to the world: Attending the U.S. Transplant games is about more than competition. It is an opportunity to meet fellow recipients. To give encouragement to new recipients and to get advice from veteran recipients. It is an opportunity for the U.S. to see the miracle of transplantation in action. Donor families can see what their gift of life and love allows us to do in addition to everyday living. Attending the U.S. Transplant Games is an opportunity to say THANK YOU! and to promote organ and tissue donor awareness. I've been attending the 'Games' since 1992. I've met so many wonderful people, recipients, their family and friends, and all the caring people who work so hard to make sure the event runs smoothly. Even after facing death, I feel blessed to have had the experiences I've had involving transplantation.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000