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Diane Christine Burdette

Age: 52

Transplant: Kidney 1994

Team: Northwest

Hometown: Redmond, Orgeon

Event: 5K Walk

My Story: Kidneys failed-result of diabetes and high blood pressure. Peritoneal and hemodialysis for approximately 2 years. Once on the list, transplant given after only two weeks! Several surgeries after transplant now I can see (still legally blind), walk (two previous years in a wheelchair), and think (previous mental impairment). Am currently taking skill development from Central Oregon Community College and will re-enter as full-time student in the fall of 1998.

My Message to the World: Don't give up when all things seem impossible to you. Don't give up when people doubt your success. Don't give up. As you succeed physically, mentally and visually,etc., don't forget to inspire others with your testimony----and----don't give up on faith!

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Last modified: 11 May 2000