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Scott Aspholm
Team: Iowa

Age: 40

Hometown: Charles City, Iowa

Transplant: Liver -- 1996

Event(s): Tennis & 5K run

My Story: My 1994 diagnosis cirrhosis at the University of Iowa Hospital, alcohol caused. Was given two weeks to live. Outpatient treatment for addiction after 15 day hospital stay. In August of 1995 I was on the transplant list. In January of 1996 had high amonia in blood encephalopothy. In march 1996 transplant has been working fine since. In May 1996 had stroke requiring surgery to remove plum sized hemorraging mass. Today continue stroke recovery. Learn to accomodate cognative functions as is. Stat speakers for organ donation, lecture at addiction treatment center.

Message To The World: To give of yourself is the greatest achievement in life. Giving the gift of life through organ donation is the most generous & loving achievement of mankind.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000