Keep your bloddwork up to date
packed bags

Most centers require you to submit monthly blood samples to test for antibodies that might attack or destroy foreign tissue, such as a new kidney. If you receive a blood transfusion, you may have to send in another sample. If you donít send in a regular sample you may be temporarily ineligible for a transplant. Be sure to follow the requirements of your transplant center.

Make a phone list and pack your bag
Keep phone list ready

Make a list of people who should be called when you go for surgery and things you will need after the operation. Pack a small bag for your hospital stay. Being in the hospital and having an operation are stressful enough; be sure to bring things that make you comfortable, like pajamas and a robe, a favorite picture or book, or your laptop computer.

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Your organs do many things to keep you healthy If your organs don't work, you may need to have a transplant To get a transplant, you have to be tested You can't have a transplant unless someone donates an organ You can't have a transplant unless someone donates an organ You will have to have surgery to place the new organ into your body Most people feel much better after having a transplant Taking care of your new organ will help you feel healthy for years to come Home