Special Slalom
Tuesday, January 14

Interview with Suzanne Knutti, the top ranked woman after the first run of the special slalom

Audio and story by Doug Armstrong
Photography by Cheri Smith


Thrills and Spills!
Thrills and spills marked the special slalom course. The steep slope and tight gates at the start of the course kept both the speeds and skiers down. Thus, there was significant cause for celebration for each racer that made it to the bottom of the course still standing!
The bright Utah sun rose over the mountain's peak at 10 AM and warmed each racers back. The air temperature was a balmy 35 degrees F (2 degrees C).
The competition was originally planned to include two courses with each racer sliding down the first course, waiting for the gates to be moved and sliding down the second course. Due to near perfect ski conditions the course was not changed and racers attempted the same course twice. The best time of the two runs was used for medal placement.





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Last modified: 11 May 2000