Giant Slalom
Tuesday, January 12

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Story by Doug Armstrong & Cheri Smith
Photography by Cheri Smith
Audio by Doug Armstrong


Giant Slalom Challenge
The giant slalom launched the alpine ski events. Thirty-eight athletes braved the steep icy slope. The downhill course was placed on a race hill next to Big Emma and finished next to the Gad chairlift entrance. The women competitors were the first to attempt the course in each of the two runs.
The snow was hard-packed with some icy patches. The bottom of the hill enjoyed the beautiful Utah sun the entire race, while the top of the hill remained in the mountain's shadows. The very top of the mountain remained covered in light wispy clouds throughout the day. The air temperature was 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) and climbed to the low forties F (5.5 degrees C) as the sun rose over the edge of the hill.
Athletes from all skill levels bravely launched themselves through the starting gate amidst rousing cheers and ringing cowbells from the other competitors. Equally enthusiastic support came from the spectators at the end of the course.
The mood was very festive and the group of racers at the top of the course appeared to be one large team. All of the participants were gathered together encouraging and supporting each other. The skiers only appeared to be competing against themselves and their own times.

There were a couple of minor spills with no injuries. Due to the steep slope and icy conditions, gates were placed on both edges of the hill in order to slow the downhill pace. Two of the gates were moved between the first and second runs after racers complained about the icy turns.







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Last modified: 11 May 2000