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  Ten Years Ago at the Games
Never before had I been so excited about such a mediocre display of tennis.
by Jeffrey Marx
  For the Love of the Games
"Yes, and I'm fine because of this kid right here" - Colleen Horan
by Jason Sprawka
  Singing in the Rain
Just what the doctor ordered!
by Mark Gravel
  A Conversation with Carl Lewis  
  The Games Through a Surgeon's Eyes: Seeing Transplantation in a New Light
... the emotional well of participants and spectators alike was finally empty, drained after having served up so many buckets of courage, spirit, and character.
I finally feel like I know what transplantation is all about.

by Bob Merion, MD
  Our Work is Not Done
It's about being a part of something where the whole is so much bigger than the parts.
--Team manager, recipient, and donor family member John Landers
by John Landers
  What is Love?
A two-time kidney recipient reflects on what transplantation has meant in his life.
by Howard Lerner
  Let the Games Begin!
"I'm humbled in your presence. All of you are my heroes forever." - Oscar Robertson
by Randy H. Milgrom
  "The Giver is Twice Blessed"
"All transplant stories start with tragedy. What happens next is the miracle."
by John U. Bacon
  We All Come to the Games From Different Directions
"... this is a trip of great courage and faith, and hopefully one of healing too."
by Jim Gleason
  Each Experiences the Games In Their Own Way
"For each it was a very different experience."
by Jim Gleason
  "Thank You" Seems So Trivial
"Twenty years ago we were invisible," she said. "But boy oh boy, we are not invisible anymore!"
by John U. Bacon
  Putting the Pieces Together by Eleanor Jones
  Not a Little Backyard Game
"In China, I would not be able to get through this. America give me second life."
by John U. Bacon
  Wood, Sweat, and Tears
Like a small child's hand reaching into the cookie jar the ball is effortlessly launched by the player's right hand into the air.
by Mark Gravel
  No Place for the Weak-Willed
These were the baddest of the bad boys - the survivors in this bang-'em-up series of top hoops conflicts - even if one of Utah's players was a young woman named Larie Stewart.
by Randy H. Milgrom
  Strikes and Spare Parts
All 36 lanes were filled with recipients and hundreds more cheered as strikes, spares, and gutter balls alike drew enthusiastic applause.
by Bob Merion, MD
  A Birthday at the Games
"We have our transplants to get back to life!"
by Maureen Fox
  Osprey Ridge/Eagle Pines - A Friendly Site for Golfers and Their Supporters
"It's better to be walking on the green side than looking up at the roots."
by Randy H. Milgrom
  From Baby Steps to Knowing Strides
We all looked alike, ran alike, and sweat, groaned, and spit alike.
by Randy H. Milgrom
  Bob Mansfield is Young Again
" hell of a guy, a great competitor, and a great human being."
by Jason Sprawka
  Attitude Overcomes All
The clapping and cheering grew with every determined little stroke
by John U. Bacon
  Shrewd Game, Silly Name
At the highest level of play, the table tennis table seems too small to contain the tendencies of its players.
by Randy H. Milgrom
  Running and Jumping for Joy, Love and Health
This morning Barry Friedman won a gold medal for the first time in the men's 50-59 shot put with a toss of 10'6". "Just happy to be here," he modestly says of his enormous heave.
by Randy H. Milgrom
  A Game Apart
The ground strokes are fierce and sure; the baseline moves swift and pure.
by Randy H. Milgrom
  "It's Not Just My Life Anymore"
“Seeing Santos compete, I can’t help but think Michael would have loved this. It helps me to know that he can go on in some way.”
by John U. Bacon
  Why Don't Lions Eat Clowns?
Five-year-old Bobby Joyce loves to tell jokes.
by Eleanor Jones
  From Both Sides
This is a story about the curve balls life throws us and a mother who has seen donation and transplantation from both sides of the fence.
by Mark Gravel
  Heroes of a Different Kind
It does not replace Daryl, but "it is rewarding to do something good and that's what it is all about."
by Mark Gravel
  Audio: Bill Walton, whose wife and son both had heart transplants (and whose son later became a donor) speaks out on the relationships forged through transplantation, the beauty of the words "thank you," and how each of us can make a difference (10 minutes) by Jason Sprawka and Bob Merion
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