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by Joel Lerner
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Bob Mansfield is Young Again by Jason Sprawka
Bob Mansfield is Young Again

by Jason Sprawka

At 53 years of age Bob Mansfield ( Team Ohio) has been given another chance to be young. With a kidney donation, five years ago this Sunday, he was given a second opportunity at life.

  "...one hell of a guy, a great competitor, and a great human being!"


Possessed with a youthful exuberance not seen in most people half his age, Bob Mansfield set out to defend his gold medal in racquetball. In a hard-fought rematch of the championship game in Columbus, Mansfield was able to defend his title against Louis Commisso.

Mansfield, a retired elementary school principal, now works on the football staff a Youngstown State University. He attributes his success in racquetball to weightlifting with the football team. He says, "I enjoy working with the kids because they keep me young. I tried not to let my transplant slow me down."

After competing in the 1998 and 2000 Games Mansfield, realizes that he is not alone in his struggles with transplantation. He says, "The games are an emotional gathering of people who are thankful for a second chance. You also have the opportunity to meet many giving and caring people. It truly is an incredible experience."

Bob's wife Linda reiterates the thoughts of Oscar Robertson, "These people are great role models."

She is thankful for every day that her husband is around. "It is a miracle that someone was thoughtful to share and give my husband a second chance."

Louis Commisso says, "Bob Mansfield can be summed up quickly. He is one hell of a guy, a great competitor, and a great human being."


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