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Singing in the Rain
Story by Mark Gravel
Informal activities took place in the Social Lounge at the U.S. Transplant Games.


A battle with rain and lightning had ensued all afternoon. Participants and staff frequently search for cover from the elements. In the night the rain continued to fall. The air was as thick as a milkshake and slowed your strides as you pushed through it. Puddles of rain that hadn't soaked into the sandy ground lined or blocked the sidewalks as you moved towards

Just what the doctor ordered!

the All-Star Resort's outdoor lounge. This sanctuary from competition provided a place for family and friends to unwind. Those that didn't mind a little rain would not be disappointed.

A quick survey of the crowd revealed faces that lit the night with the glow of their smiles. The karaoke machine was the center of attention throughout the event. Both young and old lined up to sing their songs. Some sang alone and others in a group. It did not matter how they sang. Good or bad, they all received applauds from a supportive and participatory crowd.

One singer that stood out this night was 16 year old Arron Bradley, a kidney recipient from Philadelphia who is blind. Aaron sang a heartfelt a capella version of a song that thanked donors for the precious gift of life they gave to him and so many other recipients. At the end of his song Arron received a standing ovation. Aaron "credits his parents, god and his teachers for his ability to sing." He thinks that events like the Transplant Games " is an incredible way to spread the word about the
need for organ donation and transplantation." Aaron is also amazing since he is competing in five different events at the Games. His events range from track and field to swimming. Aaron is truly an inspiration.
Athletic compatition and fun were not the only things on the mind of kidney recipient Kurt Weichert when he traveled to the Transplant Games with his girlfriend Lynn Liberty. Earlier in the day Kurt surprised Lynn with a proposal of marriage in front of some close friends in the All-Star Cafe. Having accepted his proposal, the couple was enjoying the night. Kurt received his kidney transplant in 1996
and is a veteran member of Team Michigan. Whether you just wanted something cold to drink, to share some conversation or howl at the moon, the All-Star Resort's outdoor lounge was the place to be and by the look on their faces, just what the doctor ordered.

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