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Live on TransWeb...1998 US Transplant Games

Messages FROM the Games
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Hi everyone!! We're here at the Raddison Hotel in Columbus, having our get- together! Wanted to share all this with there will be many more messages to follow, as everyone here wants to say hello.....(and I'm the only one here with the LAPTOP!!!!!!!) Wish you could all be here....we're having a blast!! Don't forget to check out the games website!! You can see all what's happening here! GO TO: ---George.

Here's some messages from the rest of the group [the laptop was passed around for each person to enter his/her message]:

Jim Gleason (Heart guy from PA) - It is so special to finally meet this great crowd that has joined here. Great weather, great stories - what love and emotions are flowing everywhere. I even got to be an "official" (that means I have a purple shirt) correspondent for Transweb - check out our photos and stories there. Can't wait to get back and see your e-mails.

Jim Gleason (left) with George Kern

Mary Godfrey ( from Kalamazoo, Mi. I am here with my husband and his new kidney. It is really a beautiful and awe inspiring experience to meet so many new friends, especially the donor families who are here.

Lisa Weinlader here. KPTX 11/27/96 from Madison, Wi. These are my first games. I'm here with my donor parents and my "heart brother." We're having an especially good time meeting people and sharing experiences. I't humid as *^#!*! but I'm having fun.

Hi! This is Hal Hersh, aka ''. I had a heart Tx on 8/26/97, almost a year ago, and I'm attending my first transplant games with Team Philadelphia. The emotions run very high here, and I'm having a wonder time!

Cecilia Lewandowski (Stella Sorry that I was unable to meet half of you. Hopefully sometime soon we can get together someplace else. Good luck and good health to all.

Dolores Wall ( Here we all are at the games at last. I have not been in my competition yet--I start tomorrow with my singles bowling and then o n Saturday with team Bowling. It is great tonight meeting all of these cyberfriends. Talk to all of you on Monday when I have rested a little from the trip.

Faith Taylor ( This is my 2nd time at the games, went to Utah in '96. Once again, having a great time and thankful to be able to be here. Won a Silver medal today in Track and Field, (softball throw). There are so many amazing stories, what a group! Lori Noyes ( Greetings all! What can I say - this is great to actually SEE these fine folks. Well, I will let the others finish up this message. Take care all. Wish you were here. See Faith's photo.

Lori Hi folks. What a nice group of people. Now I have faces to match the words that I've seen on the screen. I'm rally glad that I came out to meet everyone. Cheers.

Larry Sonnenberg ( Dayton, Ohio Hi Gang, Just want to saay hi again and we are having a ball. It is great meeting all these people I have wrote to and chatted with.

George W. Kern (Geo) Hi all, I know you all wish you were here. We wish you were here too. We are representing all of you. Just wanted to say hi to all. (see photo above)

Dave Moore ( Howdy! This has been a phenomenal experience for both myself and my wife who is a kidney-pancareas transplant patient. She is representing Team Michigan here at the games. I would encourage all transplant recipients to get involved in these games.

Dick and Libbett Milford (emilf @ This is a quick. last time message. Do you know me? If you have been at the txd games here in Ohio, you can't miss me. And, my hat is not for sale. Goodbye from Team No. Cal!!! Well, that's all she wrote folks!!!!! Good night - we're moving into the bar now and really do wish you were here with us. We will raise a toast in your behalf!

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