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Live on TransWeb...1998 US Transplant Games
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Jill is having a great time. If you checked the bulletin board you can see she is getting plenty of mail, so I am getting the task of responding. Jill is overwhelmed with all of the support. Thanks for taking the time to write!

From A Participant....TEAM ALABAMA..One man.. I had a great time in Ohio..fantastic to come home and be able to show all of my family and friends the neat web site...I was so busy..being a one man team that I had little time to take any pictures..From the opening to the close The National Transplant Olympics was a fantastic event...I was just transplanted in May of 1998 and was unaware that such games existed. I will be a future participant and work in fielding a larger team in 2000...One quick note...I was 37 years old and recived my kidney, I was very impressed with the children that have gone through much more complicated surgerys than I. J. Frank Reeves The man in the big black hat with ALL the PINS...


What do I need to listen to the audio of the Games? I have Netscape 4.0.
Editor's note: You will need to go to and download the FREE Real Player.

Hey, folks-- nice website! I'm here enjoying the games with my sister, a kidney recipient who just today won a gold medal in racquetball. She's on the Colorado team.

The games coverage has just gotten better and better!! Congratulations to all of you.

Well, I just returned from the Transplant Games and visited your booth. Great job and I can't wait to look at all the pictures on your site.

Thanks from a Tennessee athlete.

Congratulations on the FANTASTIC job you did covering the U.S. Transplant Games! Your web site looks terrific! I just returned from the games yesterday, and I have really enjoyed reliving the wonderful experience through your words and pictures. I received my heart in 1989, and this was my third Transplant Games. You are doing a wonderful job to help promote organ donation. THANKS!!!

I was at the games and participated in tennis and the road race. Your web coverage of all the events was really great (especially the picture of my son and I). Can you send me the results of the women's 50 meter breast stroke, age 36-45, including the winning times, since I might want to compete in that event next time. Thanks.
Editor's note: For results of the athletic competitions, please visit the National Kidney Foundation web site (


I spent an hour or two last night reading the transplant games web site. The people who are doing this web site have done a really nice job. The stories about the atheletes are great. Thanks.

I wanted to tell you what a GREAT job the Webcast Team did on the TransWeb coverage. WOW, I am in awe by how much you guys were able to capture and include. I spent a good deal of a day going through it all.









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