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Live on TransWeb...1998 US Transplant Games

Webcast Team
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TransWeb's coverage is made possible by the hard work of many volunteers, in addition to the regular TransWeb staff and student workers. Many thanks to:

Doug Armstrong, a transplantation research study coordinator, is volunteering his audio interviewing, photography, and web skills for TransWeb.
Jim Dean , a TransWeb board member, volunteered his considerable technical expertise and many years of experience in transplantation, and his son Nick Dean became an excellent digital photographer and webcaster while in Columbus.
Maureen Fox, a transplant coordinator with many years in the field, and her husband Bob Fox (a director of intramural sports), TransWeb volunteers who have covered the 1997 World Transplant Games in Sydney, Australia, contributed their knowledge of sports and their writing, photography, and interview skills to the webcast.
Bob Garypie , a TransWeb board member who also served on the TransWeb webcast from Sydney, and the 1996 US Games , helped to plan the webcast and secured the sponsorship that made this webcast possible, in addition to doing audio and photography on site.
Jim Gleason, a heart transplant recipient, author of A Gift from the Heart , and transplant activist, donated the time he could spare from competing in the Games swimming, table tennis, and bowling events to cover stories and write for the webcast.
Tanya Good, who works in kidney and pancreas transplantation, volunteered her time to assist browsers at the TransWeb demonstration table in the Drake Union, as well as covering table tennis and bowling.

Karen Kring, a photojournalist who helped to produce For Dad: Reflections and Photos of a Kidney Transplant for the Lerners, is volunteering her services as TransWeb's Games photo editor.

Joel Lerner, a kidney donor and photojournalist, is volunteering his time to photograph the Games for TransWeb

Willa Pilcher , a donor family member, is contributing her perspective to our coverage (see Willa's reports on donor family activities).
Jason Sprawka, an incoming sophomore in sports management, volunteered his time to help TransWeb cover the games, helping us by covering racquetball and volleyball, and with the complicated logistics of planning coverage.
Faith Taylor , a transplant recipient, contributed her writing to the coverage (see the Vignettes section).
Andrew Ti, an incoming college freshman who spent last summer helping to create The Transplant Journey , lent his image processing, computer knowledge, writing skills, and can-do attitude to the webcast.
Ming-Shiun Wu, a photographer and designer, worked evenings and the weekend to create the beautiful photo gallery.





TransWeb's regular staff consists of two people: Fran Kelsen (below at left) and Eleanor Jones , who served as the webcast producer and story editor, respectively. Both covered the 1997 World Transplant Games, and Eleanor covered the 1996 US Transplant Games, as well.


Student employees who helped create these pages were Sandra Somoza and Lilton Hunt.


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Last modified: 11 May 2000