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Live on TransWeb...1998 US Transplant Games

What does it take to put on the U.S. Transplant Games?
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The U.S. Transplant Games is a huge event requiring lots of hard work, organization, and careful planning and execution. The staff of the National Kidney Foundation deserves a big round of applause for bringing us all together at this fabulous event!

So...what does it take to put on the U.S. Transplant Games? In part, it takes:

  • 2 years (thousands of hours) of planning and preparation
  • 25 National Kidney Foundation staff
  • 600 volunteers
  • more than 1500 transplant recipients, ages 17 months to 76 years
  • 50 medical staff people, of whom 10 were on duty at a time
  • 2500 hotel/dorm rooms, many with double occupancy
  • 2500 sack lunches every day
  • 25 two-way radios
  • 60 cell phones
  • 10 golf carts
  • 40 reams of paper
  • 5000 ID hang tags, and
  • dedication, enthusiasm, and the Games spirit.

Thanks to Gary Green for this information.

The Games are over, and NKF staff can finally relax.

Colleen Horan of the National Kidney Foundation shares her thoughts on the Games (audio by Bob Garypie)






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