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  Many thanks to these talented individuals who volunteered to work many long days in order to bring you this webcast!      
  Sarah Ause
Sarah Ause (sause@mndaily.com) is a journalism student at the University of Minnesota and takes pictures for the University's Minnesota's student newspaper, The Minnesota Daily, and two community papers, the Seward Profile and the Southeast Angle. She is a photographer for the webcast. See more of Sarah's work at www.sarahause.com.
  Yihui Dong
Yihui is TransWeb's technical person; her role includes providing guidance on all technical issues, from web database design to interface and multimedia implementation, as well as technology assessment and selection, troubleshooting, and project-wide archiving. For the webcast she has developed and implemented the site design and developed all page templates. Onsite, she is publishing everything you see on this site.
  Jianwen Fang
Jianwen Fang (jwfang@ku.edu) is an information resource manager in the Department of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Kansas. This is his first web-casting experience. He is working with Yihui in technical production and web publishing.
  Steve Gardner
Steve Gardner is a guest contributor for this webcast, kindly providing his photos. Steve and his wife Hope lost their son Christopher in 1995 when he was just 13 and donated his organs and tissues. Soon thereafter, they began speaking on behalf of the Alabama Organ Center in an effort to help promote donation. Steve has been doing photography since he was with the U.S. Army in Japan in the 1960's, and is attending these Games with Team Alabama.
  Bob Garypie
Bob (rgarypie@umich.edu) is a longtime TransWeb board member and veteran of all previous TransWeb webcasts. He is active in virtually every donation initiative in the state of Michigan, and is a tireless fundraiser for many donation efforts. In this, his 10th webcast, he is a photographer.
  Jim Gleason
Jim Gleason a heart transplant recipient, author of A Gift from the Heart, is an executive at Unisys. In addition, he is an enthusiastic one-man support network for transplant recipients, working tirelessly to help others by connecting them with people all over the country. Jim writes for the webcast when he's not competing in the games himself (in swimming and badminton).
  Marilyn Indahl
Marilyn Indahl (marilyn@indahlphoto.com) is the photo editor of the City College News and does freelance photography for: The Minnesota Score Magazine and Sun Focus News. See more of Marilyn's work at SportsShooter.com.
  Eleanor Jones
Eleanor Jones (egjones@umich.edu) is the full time editor and webmaster for TransWeb. She is a veteran of every webcast that TransWeb has ever mounted. When she's not busy with TransWeb, Ellie, her husband Bruce, enjoy renovating their 1920's Ann Arbor home. She was responsible for the pre-Games organization of this webcast and is the webcast editor and team leader.
  Randy Milgrom
Randy Milgrom (www.milwrite.com) is the creator of MilWrite Communications, an Ann Arbor-based business communications business. He is also sports editor of the Michigan Alumnus and a frequent contributor to the Ann Arbor Observer on public school issues, college sports, and other topics. His essays and other short pieces have appeared in The Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press Magazine, and Crain's Detroit Business, among other publications, and his short fiction has twice won national awards in the annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. His passions - aside from being with his family - are writing, running, playing basketball, and trying to hit golf shots. Now Randy makes his fourth appearance on a TransWeb webcast team. He was a member of the 2000 and 2002 US Transplant Games teams, and also wrote stories for us in Nendaz, Switzerland, at the 2001 Winter World Games.
  Matthew Quirk
Matthew Quirk (matthew.quirk@umich.edu) joins us for his fourth webcast (the first having been the 2000 U.S. Transplant Games in Orlando). Formerly in computer technical support, Matthew has now spent many years working his particular brand of magic on graphics (including animation, multimedia, etc.) for Surgery Graphics at University of Michigan. In this webcast he volunteers digital photo processing and technical troubleshooting to make everything run smoothly.
  Dave Stringer
Dave is the former director of the English department at Huron High School in Ann Arbor. He now enjoys writing full time and works with Randy Milgrom. Former webcast writer John Bacon was one of Dave's students. This is his second webcast.
  Bill Walton
Bill Walton's first games were the 1998 Games in Columbus. At that time he was cheering for his son, who was a competitor. Unfortunately, Bill's son passed away, but his corneas gave sight to two others. Bill's wife Claudia, a heart recipient, is competing in the Transplant Games for Team Virginia. Bill is taking part in the donor family activities. This year, Bill will also be an audio correspondent for TransWeb.
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