Rock, Roll and Remember

by Robert L. Viehmeyer

My name is Robert L. Viehmeyer. I'm 57 and I live in Peoria, Illinois. Back in the early sixties I recorded for Decca Records under the name of Bobby Lee. I was not a big star but I did appear on American Bandstand, The Tonight Show, plus many other TV shows and worked Las Vegas.

My story begins in 1972 when I was told I had Diabetes and that my kidneys may not last another 10 years. On 01-03-93 I had a kidney transplant at University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago. On 02-21-94 I had left hip replacement surgery. On 09-24-94 I had right hip replacement surgery. The rejection medicine I was taking ate my hip sockets up. It has been five and a half years since the transplant and I'm doing pretty good except for the weight I have gained due to the Predisone I take. By the way the match that I got on my new Kidney was a five out of six and the kidney was 21 years old. Not bad. There is one thing I'm not too happy with: my medicine cost me over ten thousand dollars a year to stay alive, I have no insurance except Medicare. If I can help anyone with questions or answers please let me know. I'm too old to Rock 'n Roll but I can always Remember.

All the Best,

Bobby Lee :}