Letterman's List of 10 Best Remarks Made During Visit

- by uncle Bill Kolacy (brother-in-law to the heart transplant recipient, Jim Gleason)

The ten best remarks that family and friends overheard while visiting Uncle Jim in the hospital

#10 Where are the buttons to the back of this hospital gown?

#9 I feel a draft. Is the window open?

#8 Boy, this hospital food is great!

#7 Is that a pill or a golf ball?

#6 You want me to fill that container all the way to the top?

#5 Salt! Salt! Who's got the salt?

#4 Let me just have a little taste of that.

#3 Oooh, that feels so good.

#2 Bend over? Why?

And the #1 remark overheard in Uncle Jim's hospital room:

#1 "You're going to stick that where?"

Note: Laughter goes a long way in aiding the healing process! I hope this offered you the gift of laughter as you faced your own challenge.

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