Living Life to the Fullest

From the heart of a recipient to my heart donor's loved ones . . .

Words seem so inadequate to express what we feel -




Please accept our heartfelt and prayerful thanks for your generous gift of new life. It takes a very special person and family to give so unselfishly at such a time. While our family had been passively supportive about organ donation, your example and this experience certainly has changed that. Through offering ourselves as organ donors, we have all committed to passing on your gift of life to yet others multiplying it like ripples in a lake. You'll never know the full impact of your generosity.

You have been a key part in the making of God's miracle. We had reached that critical stage where my heart had nothing left and now I am reborn! It is fantastic!! To date the doctors have seen nothing of the expected rejections. This must have been just the right body to allow your gift to live on. I wish we could share all the experience from this end, but let me just describe it as being re-born - not as a helpless baby - but with all of life's prior experience and the ability to express the wonders of that baby's excitement at each new discovery. Each and every day is yet another miracle and I offer a prayer of thanks for you all. Now, nothing is taken for granted. The simplest things are new and exciting - the green of grass, the grasshopper crossing my path, a ladybug, the sunset, a moon . . .

You have given me the gift of a new life and I find myself prayerfully searching for the "Why?" of it all. What special purpose must God have for me in granting this miracle of a second life? I'm still searching . ..

I guess the simplest words are still the best. At times of crisis, my prayer was:


In this exhilaration, to you and to Him, I say simply, from the very bottom of my heart :

"Thank you!"

--Your very grateful heart recipient.

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