Holiday Miracle

by Maria Kyriakos

My life before my transplant was awful. I couldn't do anything without getting tired easily. I didn't feel comfortable going to school because I couldn't take any P.E. classes and kids used to always ask me why I couldn't participate in any sports or other activities. I didn't have that many friends because I felt too embarrased by my medical problem and I didn't want any one to know about it. I had to be hospitalized a couple times because my heartbeat was too low, around in the 30s, and I almost got a pacemaker. I only waited on the list about three-and-a-half months. After my transplant it wasn't easy to recover, but I was blessed and I recovered fast. Within four days I got up and I was able to walk around a little bit. In order to gain my strength back I had to start physical therapy. I left the hospital within two weeks, but I had to stay at the Hometels, near Palo Alto, because I had to go to clinic a lot. In the first months I had to go twice a week for clinic and three times a week for physical therapy. I stayed there for about six weeks. Some of the things I like to do is play my keyboard, swimming, playing soccer, going to the movies, and learning foreign languages. At the moment, I have started my first semester at College of Marin and I'm enjoying it. I graduated high school in June 1997. I also have a part-time job at Target stores as a cashier. My birthday, by the way, is on Oct. 11th,1979.