GOAL SYSTEMS, Inc. would like to thank Bill Kolacy, Jim Dougherty, Marci Kraskey, Debbie Yankoski, and the many others who have contributed to the publication of this book - both through their specific actions and overall encouragement in making this "dream become a reality." A special note of thanks to the staff at TransWeb for making these writings available to the world via the Internet, an impressive use of modern technology to get this information to patients and family the world over.

GOAL SYSTEMS, Inc. is, in itself, a "dream become reality", and in publishing this original work by an American writer, enters the non-fiction publishing field for the first time. GOAL SYSTEMS, Inc. was established to share the secrets of goal oriented success skills with those many people constantly striving for the means to achieve their fullest potential. Jim Gleason is a computer engineer turned technical editor who expresses his emotional growth and love relationship with life after a heart transplant. Many friends recognized his unique talent in these writings and have urged him to share that gift through publication. GOAL SYSTEMS, Inc. is proud to be a party to bring this dream into reality with the publication of Jim's first book of non-fiction. These Internet pages are taken from that future publication.

About the Author

Jim Gleason has been involved in the publication of a quarterly family newsletter for over 10 years, often applying his technical computer skills gained in a career in that field for over 30 years. Generally, such Gleason Gazette issues exceed 50 pages in volume, and include a variety of writings by the author. Many of the writings in this work first appeared in the family newsletter, and subsequently have been reformatted for release over the World Wide Web of the INTERNET.

A heart transplant patient himself, the author strives to fulfill his new "second" life by sharing those experiences with family and patients who may be facing similar medical challenges.

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