Most transplant recipients take three (3) different immunosuppressive medications and some will be given a fourth (a polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies) immediately after the surgery.
The three main medications youíll probably be taking every day are:
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You will probably start out by taking a relatively high dose of each, which may cause some side effects. Over time, your doses may be lowered. You will have to take these medications as prescribed by your transplant team for as long as you have your transplant. No matter how good you may feel, donít stop taking them, or your body may reject the new kidney.
Your organs do many things to keep you healthy If your organs don't work, you may need to have a transplant To get a transplant, you have to be tested You can't have a transplant unless someone donates an organ You will have to have surgery to place the new organ into your body Most people feel much better after having a transplant Most people feel much better after having a transplant Taking care of your new organ will help you feel healthy for years to come Home